Our Programs

The Specimen Museum operates two social programs in Chicago, a Mobile Museum program and a Specimen Restoration program. We do not charge for our services. Donations offset the cost of our programs and are greatly appreciated.





Mobile Museum Program 

The Mobile Museum program operates like a reverse field trip: we come to you, and your students will learn about natural history though engaging, educational hands-on time with real specimens (including some living ones!)… all from the comfort of their own classroom! The Specimen Museum is happy to serve all kinds of schools (including homeschool groups) alongside scout groups, 4-H, nonprofit groups, and other community organizations in the Chicagoland area.

Mobile Museum programming is customized to your group size, facility, and preferences. Students of all age and ability are welcome, with lesson plans that can be built with demonstrations, sensory exploration of different types of specimens, activities like owl pellet dissection, and you can top it off by meeting some of our living collection as well. Are you ready?





Specimen Restoration Program

A staggering number of educational institutions have taxidermy and other specimens in their collections that are in disrepair, with no idea how to fix them and therefore, no way to use them to educate their students and researchers. Countless specimens of unknown value have fallen victim to a lack of care, and the Specimen Restoration program intends to change that. If your school, nature center, or museum has a specimen collection that needs to be SAFELY cared for, we're here to help!

Cracked jars? Nobody wants to be breathing in mystery air when the chemicals evaporate through the cracks. This also saves the specimen from becoming damaged due to oxygen exposure. Old decrepit taxidermy? Let’s spruce that up! Old specimens can contain all kinds of dangerous chemicals that cause symptoms as serious as cancer. Let professional taxidermists repair everything safely and properly so it can be returned and enjoyed for generations of students and visitors to come!

If you would rather donate a damaged specimen to us in order to add it to our permanent collection once it’s repaired, check out our donation page!