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Donate a specimen

Do you have something like taxidermy, an animal or bone you found, or another type of specimen that you’d like to donate? We’d love to hear about it! Please use this form to tell us as much about your specimen as possible. We only accept donations that have been reviewed. If it sounds like something we can accept, we will ask for photos in an email reply.

Donate Supplies

Our Mobile Museum and Specimen Restoration programs use all kinds of supplies, from owl pellets and picks to kraft paper and cleaning supplies. We are putting together an Amazon wish list, but if you have something you think we can use or if you don’t want to wait for our list, use this form to let us know! Your donations help our programs run smoothly.

Monetary Donations

As much as we’d LOVE to accept monetary donations, unfortunately our nonprofit status with the federal government is still pending due to repeated government shutdown(s). We ARE an approved Illinois nonprofit. However, our team has chosen to wait until 501(c)3 status is granted to allow monetary donations. If you’d still like to donate money, join our mailing list and we’ll send an update when we are legally allowed to accept them! The sign-up form is right below this paragraph.